Max Kessebeh

Teaching Assistant

Max, 29, has worked at OAKS for 5 years.  Originally engaged as a classroom assistant for Class 1.  He has shown such an aptitude for teaching that OAKS is sponsoring him for Distant Learning (similar to Open University) to train as a teacher.  If he passes his course, he will qualify August 2017.

This school year to give him greater experience he is teaching Verbal Reasoning and RME (Religious and Moral Education) to classes 3, 4 & 5 as well as shouldering some responsibility for Class 1.

Max lives with partner Angela and their 3 children, Fifi 6 and Alusine 4 & new baby Laurel.   Fifi attends OAKS, Class 3 and Alusine is in Nursery education at SOS School, joining OAKS in 2018.  His home is 5 minutes from school at OAKS Compound.

Max is responsible for the welfare of Maggie’s wards, Alusine 15, Fatmata 13 and Eric 9, they too live at OAKS House.  Max now also supports Angela and friend Ema in their new business venture, trading in food, drink and hair products from a small shop.