Mathew Yamba


Mathew, 37, is new to OAKS, January 2016.  He is very happy in his new job, he loves the camaraderie and friendliness.

Mathew has moved from a Junior/Senior Secondary School in Bo Town.  His subjects include, Integrated Science – Physics and Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Maths and Computing.

His qualifications are TC, Teaching Certificate and HTC, Higher Teaching Certificate.  He has an accreditation in Computer Science. Also, he has recently received his BSc Degree.

Mathew is hardworking and keen for his pupils to do well.  He explains and explains again, all the children understand, it is so important for the subjects he teaches.

His wife Frances is a Nursery teacher.  He has 2 children, Michael 8 in Class 3 and Augusta 6 in class 1, both attend SOS school.

He lives about 3 miles from school.