Joseph H. Williams

OAKS Head Teacher

Joe is 48.  He has worked at OAKS as Head Teacher for 6 years.

Apart from various teaching experiences, during the aftermath of the Civil War he worked with NGO Community Rehabilitation. This was closely followed by commercial banking in Ghana.  Joe’s teaching qualifications are TC & HTC – Teaching Certificate & Higher Teaching Certificate.

He lives with his family in Lewabu, the neighbouring district to our Mendewa School, about a ten minute walk across the swamp which separates the chiefdoms of Tikonko and Kakua.  His wife Martha is a nurse and she works at the local Njala University Campus, on the outskirts of Bo.

Joe has 4 children. His younger son is at Senior Secondary School, SSS3, equivalent to our Year 12, one of his daughters is at college training to be a nurse, his other son & daughter are currently studying at Njala University.

Recently, during the past couple of years, Joe has adopted two young girls from his immediate family, helping to resolve hardship issues.  Both girls are currently attending OAKS school in Classes 3 & 4 respectively.  He is a real family man. He also has a passion for Chelsea F.C.

Joe enjoys teaching Maths and Physical Health Education which is a combination of Sport and Biology.  He is very proud of OAKS, its development and its continuing achievements.