Eric Kobba

Teaching Assistant

Eric, 30, has worked for OAKS since it opened, October 2007, more than 9 years.  He is a dedicated worker and he loves OAKS.

Eric started as a cleaner, however, it became apparent he had real teaching potential.  Six years ago he became a classroom assistant.  He is now sponsored by OAKS for Distant Learning (similar to our Open University), he is training for his Teaching Certificate.  He finds the extra work hard to fit into life, but loves the experience and finds putting what he is learning into practise very stimulating.

Eric is proving to be quite a gifted teacher.  He teaches Maths, Quantative Maths, Business Studies and Reading.  The children say he is very good at explaining, especially anything mathematical.

Eric lives near to school in the neighbouring area of Lewabu.  He is at present responsible for his 3 nieces, all of whom attend OAKS, Junior Secondary 2, Class 2 & Class 4.

Eric walks to school, it takes him about fifteen minutes.