Chris Kawa

OAKS Deputy Head

Chris, 47, has worked at OAKS for more than 7 years.  He is a seasoned teacher with a TC, Teaching Certificate qualification.

Three years ago he became Deputy Head, he is also Head of English and in charge of Class 6 which involves all the exam registration details and coaching for the NPSE (11+).

He is very proud of OAKS school NPSE record, which he takes quite personally – 100% pass rate for 7 consecutive years.  An excellent achievement.

Chris has 3 children.  His eldest son, 22, lives with him in Bo and is awaiting his WASSCE results, equivalent to ‘A’ levels, so he can apply to University.  His daughter is awaiting BECCE results to move on to Senior High school and his younger son is in Primary Class 5 in Kenema, the next city along the Bo Kenema Highway, towards Liberia. Chris lives about 2 miles from school and has his own transport, a cherished motorbike.