What We Do

We help the children of Sierra Leone through the process of education, allowing them the opportunity to make choices for their future. We are a small charity that are hugely passionate about our cause, making a difference to the lives of the children and the community.

So far we have:

  • Built a school that currently educates 380 students

  • Our students have achieved a 100% pass rate for each year over the last 6yrs

We need to raise more funds:

  • To cover the annual running costs of our expanding teaching and support staff

  • To build new school facilities to educate senior secondary school students

Donate Today

All donations are greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference. If you are able to contribute, large or small, please do so today!

Donate Today

Pays for all stationary and equipment needs for one child for a full year


Pays for a brand new desk and chair for one child


Is the cost to OAKS to educate a child for one full year

With your help we can make a real difference