Transparency UK

At OAKS we make it a core part of our mission to offer complete transparency in all the work we do and to clearly demonstrate how the money donated is spent and used.

We have been a registered charity since 2005 (Charity No 1107800) and submit our return annually to be verified. ALL of all the money raised, goes directly to operate our 2 schools – financing staff wages and running costs inclusive of maintenance and facility improvement.

Money is sent monthly and is recorded:

1. Payment leaves UK Bank.
2. Receipt and exchange rate docket is signed by school bursar in Sierra Leone.
3. Wage sheet presented and signed by all staff on receipt of money.
4. Stamped receipts from Tax Department (NRA) and separate National Insurance Department (NASSIT) each month to show all due taxes and financial obligations are met.

Additional Payments

made for capital projects have all the necessary receipts in Sierra Leone, which are duplicated and the paperwork is brought back to the UK after a verification visit.

The Parents Pay

Over the years, the charity has tried to increase the contribution parents pay towards their children education. Currently Primary School parents pay 25% and the Secondary school pay 45% . This means that the local society have engagement and responsibility to furthering to OAKS charity. This promotes the modern idea of a HAND UP rather than HAND OUT. (For those most impoverished we have some 12 bursaries).

Parental Contribution

Is paid into school and each parent receives a receipt. The monies are deposited and recorded into the school community bank savings account. It is drawn out by the bursar on the headmaster’s recommendation for school stationary and sanitary products. All bank transactions require two signatories These receipts and payments are checked annually on Nic’s visit.

Overseeing Visits

The 3 principal officers of the charity visit at least once a year- (with their own costs paid by themselves so as not to burden the charity financially).

Donate Today

All donations are greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference. If you are able to contribute, large or small, please do so today!

Donate Today

Pays for all stationary and equipment needs for one underprivileged child for a full year


Covers all medical costs for malaria, typhoid, and worming tables for a whole 40 child class + teacher for 1 month


Is the cost to OAKS to educate a child for one full year

With your help we can make a real difference