The Challenge

Andrew’s aim is to cycle and run 240km from Freetown (the Capital of Sierra Leone) to OAKS school in Bo. The challenge will be taking place on Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th February 2020

This arduous journey is through tropical heat- it’s always at least 30 degree’s by day and the high humidity will make it such a difficult challenge. We will be travelling through areas of unmade roads with little facilities, sleeping in untried places over 2 days & nights.

Watch our video above to find out more… there will also be a film crew present throughout (Dave Bladen- Elite Video) to capture the all trials and tribulations through the challenge.

Meet The Team

Andrew Smith-

Andrews aim is to help Neston Nomads Football team, in their drive towards a new state of the art pitch and facilities. In his younger years he had the benefit of all Neston Nomads had to offer and now as a father, his kids have followed in his footsteps too. With the money he aims raise, he hopes it will help improve the future of the youth in Neston.

His other beneficiary is the Third World school of OAKS – a charity driven from trustees in Neston. The children of Bo in Sierra Leone, unlike the Nomads, have nothing. Andrew visited OAKS 5 years ago and was inspired by the great work they do. OAKS has recently built a 2nd school but a new football pitch with facilities and kits will give their community a bright future.

Nic Phipps OAKS Trustee

Nic will be joining Andrew & Dave, in his capacity as OAKS Trustee. He is the main man at OAKS and his commitment and effort is one of the cornerstones of the charity. He has been visiting OAKS on a regular basis for 14 years now, and ensures everything is done right- Nic owns a successful building company and his knowledge has helped the efficient and successful construction, of both schools (OAKS 1&2).

He knows Sierra Leone & in particular Bo, very well… and his wisdom and calm head, will no doubt be a valuable asset to Andrew on his journey. Nic is also very articulate in front of camera which will help Dave Bladen when it comes to story telling and explaining what is going on throughout the challenge.

Dave Bladen-Camera Crew & OAKS Charity Member

Dave owns a video production company and has been creating videos to help aid the OAKS charity for years. He first visited OAKS in Sierra Leone 4 years ago and was humbled and moved by what he says was a “life changing experience”. Like Andrew, he is resident to Neston his son plays regularly for Neston Nomads.

This will be his 3rd visit to OAKS and he is really looking forward to this new challenge. The previous videos he has made for OAKS has really helped raise awareness for the charity. One of the latest videos documenting the progress of OAKS 2, helped bring a sizeable donation to the cause.

This production however, will be a totally different experience. He is aiming to capture the emotion and experiences of Andrew’s journey, using the great range of video technology at his disposal. He also intends to make a separate video to show the progress of OAKS 2 and exactly what it means for everyone involved.

Mohamed- The Guide

Mohamed will be meeting Andrew, Nic and Dave in Freetown to lend his driving skills and knowledge of the areas. He will no doubt be invaluable to the team, especially when they venture into unchartered territory. He has driven for OAKS members on several occasions and is a trusted and well liked character.