Overseas Aid for the Kids of Sierra Leone

The Oaks Story

OAKS charity evolved following a visit by Margaret Jarrett to see her grandmother Mabel in Sierra Leone during the closing days of the civil war. The post war levels of poverty and malnutrition, the lack of facilities and opportunity for the underprivileged galvanised Margaret into action. She bought a piece of bush land in a poor area of Tikonko Chiefdom, south of Bo Town and became determined to build a school for marginalised children. Education is the key to opportunity, everyone needs hope and a stake in the future.

Margaret is an evangelist and she wanted the school hall to be used as a place of worship on a Sunday to promote moral standards and help to foster good citizenship. Her dream is big.

2016. A grant to James  Tudor Foundation OAKS School now has a nurse! Hurray. Whilst at school any sick child or member of staff can be tested and treated for the endemic disease of MALARIA. James Foday, our nurse, can also treat all minor ailments and refer via parents for further hospital interventions.

This has greatly improved the health and attendance of all. Providing medicatation costs approximately £500 / term.

Donations would be welcome.

Our Helping Hands

Father Francis Maple – The singing father.

OAKS was able to open its primary school in Bo Town, October 2007, in great part due to the selfless fundraising work of Father Francis, St Francis RC Church, Grosvener Street, Chester. He donated £5,000 in 2004 from a marathon walk, a further £1,000, the proceeds of a concert at St Columbo Church, Chester and later £25,000 which helped drive the completion of the school building.

Donate Today

All donations are greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference. If you are able to contribute, large or small, please do so today!

Donate Today

The Oaks Team

OAKS is a very small Charity with three Trustees, an Associate education adviser and an additional Committee of three dedicated supporters.

Margaret Jarrett

Mother of three, resides in Chester. Margaret founded OAKS charity in 2003 as a passionate response to her war torn country and now visits once a year.

Nic Phipps

Father of two, builder and developer on the Wirral. Introduced to OAKS in 2005, I am now the secretary and visit once a year, self funded.

Laurel Parkinson

Introduced to OAKS charity in 2009. Laurel is a teacher & now leads the educational programme, visiting for up to 9 weeks per year, self funded. Lives on the Wirral.

Anne Abernethy

Anne is a recently retired teacher who lives on the Wirral.  A gardener & also a keen dog lover.  She visits once or twice a year, self funded.

Sue Reid

Lives in Chester, mother of four, grandmother of many. Been involved with OAKS charity since 2007.

Dave Bladen

Lives in Neston, and first visited Oaks in 2017. Revisited in 2018 self funded, providing video production and photograph services to raise awareness.