Fatmata has been sponsored by OAKS via our founder Margaret. She recognised Fatmata as a feisty spirit with a desire to learn. She was brought from her ‘bush village’ at the age of 6, which unfortunately offered her little regarding personal development or education. This was all done with the full permission of her parents, they greatly welcomed the opportunity for their daughter to gain qualifications.

Fatmata was enrolled at OAKS 2009. She was a challenge. She tried to solve her frustrations and problems by hitting and kicking! With oodles of patience and guidance she has blossomed into a fine and accomplished young lady. She’s lives as part of an extended family at OAKS House, with Margaret’s nephew, wife and 3 children, plus an Aunty and 2 more of Margaret’s adoptees.

Fatmata has achieved great exam success.

Pass mark for NPSE (11+) is 230. She scored 303!

BECE (GCSE) requires 6 passes. She gained 8. 3 sciences with the top grade!!

Fatmata has now embarked on her next journey towards WASSCE (A Levels) at Bo’s Senior Girls School. She’s very keen to study and wants to do well.

2021 Fatmata is now in her last few months at Senior Secondary. University is beckoning. If she passes her exams with high grades, she wishes to train to be a doctor.

IN 2024 Fatmata is now in her 3rd year at NJALA University studying healthcare and will be entering her 1st job as of September 2024 as a fully qualified nurse in the Sierra Leone health authority

We wish her every success.