P1000240Since Christmas there has been a big overall improvement in Class 5.  There are 48 in the class.  The majority are average and above with only 4 pupils requiring a lot of extra teacher input.

Maths, they all know their tables and are competent with the very basics.  As the subject is becoming more complex, lessons are having to be carefully structured, they are finding manipulating fractions a little difficult. Their performance is gradually improving.

Their command of English is improving.  Speaking is more confident & fluent.  Spelling is greatly improved and vocabulary expanded, they can manage some 8 letter words.  Dictation is a good exercise.  General reading is progressing.  Their composition & letter writing is also improving.  Songs and acting really help their confidence.  They know their 8 parts of speech.  They are encouraged to discuss all items of local interest and news.

Science has encompassed, light & batteries, plus, separation of common substances such as sand and water filtration.  We’ve also looked at simple and complex machines.  Pupils are greatly encouraged to participate and contribute to lessons, all ideas are welcome.  We do a lot of group work and reporting back.

Games lessons now include the development of skills & understanding the nature of the court or pitch, plus the very important rules of play.

Social Science has looked at our basic religious festivals and celebrations such as engagement and marriage.  Role play has helped to explore some of the family traditions and areas of conflict.

Home Economics has concentrated on food, its preparation, preservation and dietary requirements.  We’ve discussed the various needs of each age group, birth to old age.

Agriculture encompasses our environment.  Many families supplement their income by growing their own produce.  Simple notes and detailed diagrams help explain each step from sowing the seed to harvesting and marketing.

It is hoped all pupils will be promoted to Class 6.  However, the standard is high, Class 6 is an exam group.  Anyone really struggling may have to repeat.

Report compiled by Class 5 tutor Mike Baio, also Games & Sciences.  Maths – Patrick Goba.  English – Chris Kawa.  Social Studies & Agriculture – Francis Rogers.  Home Economics – Isata Kanneh.  RE – Max Kessebeh.