Our Sports Day, 12th February was a happy, successful and interesting day for the staff, pupils and guests from the UK.P1000381

The school is planning to change the venue for the Sports Meet next academic year 2014/15, due to the expansion of Junior Secondary, another 40 pupils starting in September – we will need to offer – High jump; Long jump; Discus; Shot Put; Javelin etc.  Our school compound is not big enough to accommodate this extra facility.  The proposal will be carefully explored by the staff and our Community Parent Teacher Association (CTA) as it will require an increase in parental monetary contribution to pay for the hire of another Sports Field & equipment.

There is always individual lesson observation, demonstration lessons, guidance and advice during Aunty Laurel’s visits.  We also dedicate one day off time table during her stay for ‘Teacher Training’, so far this year, 15th February and 16th May.  The OAKS teaching staff are steadily building their capacity and becoming more effective and efficient teachers.P1000886

The management of OAKS believe in both development and advancement.  At the moment the institution is constructing a new classroom for Junior Secondary School 2, plus a storeroom with capacity to also house a generator.  The contractor has stage payments in advance for each phase of development.  All will be ready for September.  We already have the new furniture, which we’ve been using for our Secondary School practical work.P1000964

The Home Economics department now has all the equipment required for practical work as regards cooking and hand sewing.  The extensive shopping list cost more than 2 million Leones (£300), the money being sent from the UK.

The National Primary School Exam (NPSE) took place on Saturday 3rd May.  We sincerely hope all our Class 6 are successful, we have a proud record of 100% pass rate to uphold!

P1000896Class 1 intake for September – applications for the 40 places were received from interested parents.  A verification interview was held Saturday 17th May, the team consisted of Aunty Laurel, myself, Class 1 teacher Aunty Isata Kanneh & classroom support assistant Uncle Max Kessebeh.  Two applicants were deferred until next year as they appeared to be too young.  It’s a very visual and instinctive procedure as most children do not have a birth certificate, their demeanour has to look 6 years old!  The parents were very pleased with the proceedings, no one was really disappointed.

Other developments:


  • Three new toy cupboards for classes 1, 2 & 3 – to house indoor games, puzzles & toys.
  • Three new book shelves, one for the office and two for the library.
  • Home Economics cupboard to keep cooking utensils & sewing equipment.
  • 8 board rulers made by a local carpenter, one for each class.
  • Stabilisation & support for the downspout supplying water to the holding tank, in front of Class 1.
  • Ministry of Education, Science & Technology (MEST), supplied some exercise books and some text books for Junior Secondary School.P1000770

During the summer holidays for next term:

  • Employ a new teacher for Junior Secondary 2.
  • Reinforce the school boundary fence. Re-paint the classrooms.
  • Repair furniture & layout classrooms for next term. New furniture to be made to replace that which is beyond repair.
  • NPSE Results – Class 6 Testimonials
  • JSS registration. Primary registration.


  • Late payment of Development Fund from the parents.
  • Parents fail to provide learning materials.
  • Low turnout of parents at CTA meetings to discuss development & take part in decision making.
  • Late coming of parents to important meetings in the school hall.
  • Poor attendance of some pupils at the start of each new term.

The way forward

  • To encourage parents to work with the school when they come to register their child for the next academic year.
  • To explain carefully how the Development Fund is spent to improve the school environment and how vital it is that the monies are paid on time.  ALL the money they pay is directly spent on their child’s education.
  • All pupils will take home a note explaining how a new fines system will operate from September 2014 for all those choosing to arrive late at the start of each term.


Faithfully written & submitted by:

Joseph H. Williams – Head Teacher & Acting Principal.  22/05/14