A very hectic programme 9am – Noon & 1pm – 6pm.  Pupils had been told to assemble at 8.30am.

As all good Brits, we were on site at 9am.  Ho Ho.  Grounds still being set up, putting roof on baffa for spectator shade, finishing track perimeter cordon and virtually no children in sight!!  Head teacher in a sweat because transport for the public address system had broken down, he’d despatched the deputy to sort it.

P1000383Sports Day began at 11am.  Very colourful parade around the track by all four teams with their banners.  Nic, Tom & Laurel joined their groups – so hot, arms burning – had to dive for shelter from the searing sun.

The morning session finished an hour later than billed.  Great to see the individual award ceremonies, 1st place received a handsome medal on a green ribbon with OAKS logo – organised for us on the last minute by Tracey Jones, Rhyl Football Club, paid for by the charity.  Second and third place had ‘stickers’, supplied by Woodlands Primary, Birkenhead.

P1000368As the day progressed, more and more parents arrived with their picnics.  The compound was virtually full by 5pm.  The crowd had a wonderful time, there was a real party atmosphere.

Lots of drama with stumbles and falls.  The sack race showed we have a lot of high jumping kangaroos!  Three-legged race had plenty of spills.  Variation on a theme, ‘lime & spoon’ race, very amusing.  The Tug of Peace was nail biting, the Pink team were so slight in build by comparison to their opponents, where did they find their strength?P1000386

The class 1 dance and African Queen involved lots of parents dashing to show their appreciation with offerings of money.  Each child had a bucket in front of them for donations – Le 1,000 (15p) / Le 2,000 (30p) being common.  Monies collected would go into the Sports Day Fund.P1000402

Darkness began to fall.  Not all items on the programme were completed.  We didn’t have the parent or staff races! Phew!  The big announcement of the day – who’d won?

White House again!  Their leader Mr Mike Baio, Chairman of the School Management Committee.  They received a cup as did the runners up, Yellow House – Laurel’s team.

7.30pm finish, so dark!  Exhausting.  Very hot, very dusty, but a good time had by all.