P1000242P1000233Year 4 is taught in two different groups to ensure the slower learners have the opportunity to fully understand the foundation of maths and English.  Tremendous progress has been made.  We are hopeful they will all be of promotion standard to move to Class 5 in September.

Maths lessons since Christmas have concentrated on simple fractions, number patterns, time, simple division & decimals.

English has consisted of reading aloud & oral comprehension, expansion of vocabulary & spelling, dictation, syllables, prefixes & suffixes and robust grammar.  Songs & games aid learning.  We try hard to encourage pupil input & participation.

Role play & skits are used to aid understanding.  They provide a break from board work & writing. Improvisation encourages oral participation and greatly improves confidence.  It also provides fun and memorable learning.

Class notes are frequently monitored, it’s important they have the correct information, in small steps for revision purposes.

Food classification is part of ScienceHome Economics has concentrated on cooking & preserving food.  Agriculture has tried to reduce the emphasis on note taking, focussing rather more on diagrams and active participation.  Pupils are encouraged to explain their work to aid understanding.

R.E. is studying the Old Testament – Creation, Paradise, Cain & Abel & The 10 Commandments.

Games after the diversity of many Sports Day skills we are now concentrating on football & rounders.

Report from class teacher Francis Rogers and classroom assistant Eric Kobba.  Isata Kanneh – Home Economics, Max Kessebeh – RE, Mike Baio – Games.