P1000225All the pupils participate fully in their lessons.  They learn new songs very quickly, we’ve just learnt ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.  They love active lessons where the story is dramatized eg ‘Joseph the dreamer’.

They are encouraged to take the lesson (be the teacher) and to write individually on the board.  Their spelling and vocabulary are both improving.  They come out and read from the board.  These practises are helping them to grow in confidence.  Some pupils have made outstanding progress this year.

They bring lots of their own ideas to the lesson.  Understanding and learning seem to be going well.

Their memory for key facts is improving.  The standard of written work is generally good.  Dictation is improving their spelling.

Two pupils are being encouraged to work harder, their parents have been invited into school to discuss the way forward.  I hope all my students will be promoted to Class 4.

Report from class teacher Lucy Kposowa.