P1000222There has been good progress in general reading ability, overall the class is much more confident in reading aloud.  The recognition of three and four letter words is greatly improved and some are able to understand and read four and five letter words.  We are making good headway with spoken & written sentences.

We use their wall posters for singing and reading rhymes.  Our new song is ‘The wheels on the bus’. Our class reader at present is, ‘The Kamara Family’.  This is helping to improve their written and oral comprehension as well as their fluency in reading.

They can readily sort numbers and do simple addition and subtraction; they can count up to 100; they know their tables up to 4 & understand place value and zero.

Environmental studies has been focussed on their school & local environment, the flag & national anthem.  They are expanding their understanding of good health habits as regards body & toilet hygiene, cooking & handling food, plus safe water sources.

They are learning & singing traditional songs in Mende. Their tribal heritage is very important.

Religious songs related to their bible stories are fun, as are the drama sketches they perform about our biblical stories – The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, Joseph & his brothers.  They can identify the moral.  They performed ‘The Good Samaritan’, for our visitors in February.  We had lots of rehearsals, they worked hard and performed really well.

We play number & letter games, always trying to make learning fun at times.

They are all enjoying the new experience of playing with items from their toy cupboard.  The main yard game they play is football.

I hope they will all be promoted to Class 3 in September.

Report from class teacher, Princess Alieu.