Motto – ‘Voice for the voiceless’.

Children’s Club Executive:

Chairperson – Mary Marrah.    Deputy – Paul Mansaray

Secretary – Christiana Sesay.    Deputy –  Foday Nabieu

Social/Organising Secretary – Josephine Koroma.  Deputies: Ndardie Peter & Halimatu Kama

Promoters – 1.  Dorcas Carpenter  2.  Wadia Abu  3.  Fatu Sherif.

Limbo Dancing

Limbo Dancing

They meet to discuss and explore all the factors which affect kids in Sierra Leone, through discussion, debate, skits/sketches and drama and play games.

  • Poverty
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Contraception advise and availability
  • What makes good leaders?
  • Jobs
  • Child trafficking and Child labour
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Health awareness
  • Community responsibilities and working together
  • Education and school facilities
  • After school clubs for children and young adults
  • Parents & choices

The OAKS Kids Club is partnering with the Sierra Leone Scouts Association (SLSA).  It will aim to promote awareness of ‘Roles & Responsibilities’ and to encourage the development of Empathy, Self-esteem and Self-respect.  The new term, September 2014, will hopefully establish a group of about 20, equal proportion of boys and girls. This now postponed to the summer term 2015, due to Ebola restrictions.


African Child Day 16th June.  


Focus for this year – ‘Play Day’, a collaboration between Kids Club and the school Physical Health Education Department.

Theme – ‘Live safe & Play safe’.  Games such as ‘Cross the Line’, ‘Over & Under’, ‘Shortest to Tallest’ etc.  All games include songs and dancing, aimed at the holistic development of all the children.

Article prepared by Francis Rogers, founder of ‘OAKS After School Club’, teacher of Social Studies, Agriculture and Class 4 Tutor.


Two food parcels a Year!

Goody Bag Another meal to take home.

Goody Bag
Another meal to take home.

As a charity we support African Child Day (16th June) and our school Christmas Party (usually the last day of term, December).  These are the only times we send money for food and entertainment.

Children eating in
their form room

Teacher's cooking

Teacher’s cooking


OAKS is gradually expanding into Junior Secondary, our £350 per event will have to rise to £400 next term.  This represents roughly £1/child, because we always include OAKS Church, the children of our immediate school neighbours and of course our staff who do all the cooking and organise the music and games.

If you would like to help provide for one or more of these events, please see our donation options.