VSO comes to OAKS. 09/05/2014.

Peter Nderito, the Kenyan Head of Voluntary Services Overseas, Freetown, finally paid a field visit to view the potential of OAKS school and the accommodation available at OAK’s House. He was accompanied by Jamie, a work colleague from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Both gentlemen were very impressed by the standard of the school building and furnishings – good desks, chairs, blackboard space, teaching aids and visual materials. Available for use after 3pm.

The house met all the overseas standards, secure compound – water and power source, with an amazingly large kitchen, plenty of space, airy and quiet.

However, at present VSO are unable to offer any partnership or assistance with an adult literacy and numeracy programme. Their focus has now switched, concentrating on local primary health care, volunteer nurses & midwives. They are still involved in skills programmes for young adults but already have systems in operation.

The truly big multi-national charities with huge budgets offer wise words but seem to have no facility or real desire to enable them to partner with the tiny charities, they always suggest someone else. The Department for International Development (DFID) recommended VSO, several years ago, as being the nearest AID agency most closely aligned with our ethos. VSO, have now just suggested we try DFID!!

It is well known that the small dedicated charities achieve amazing results with very modest amounts of money, every penny is tracked and accounted for, always a precious resource. Most small charities could achieve so much more with a little support from the ‘big guys’.

Better luck next time!

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