Sponsor Staff Distant Learning.

This is possibly Sierra Leone’s equivalent to Open University. The opportunity is given to teaching assistants and serving teachers to improve their qualifications through attending vacation courses and completing assignments in school term time to present for assessment at vacation training.

Our two teaching assistants Max and Eric have applied to Pujehun FTC (Freetown Teachers College). Pujehun is over 50 miles away, they have to rent rooms and fend for themselves. Max Kessebeh started on a three year Teaching Certificate (TC) programme which began in December 2013. Eric Kobba, along with teacher Lucy Kpsowa, are hoping to be accepted on a Higher Teaching Certificate (HTC), a three year course beginning in July.

Every long vacation – summer, Christmas and Easter they must spend the whole time at Pujehun. Half of their time will be tutorials and the remainder examinations. If they fail any element of the course they will be offered one re-sit or reference.

Their fees for this privilege vary:

  • TC Le 850,000 / year (£125)
  • HTC Le 1,060,000 / year (£156)
  • All have to find transport, rent & food money.

They are already paying rent on their family home, so this is extra.

Extremely admirable they have the drive to improve their knowledge in the challenging environment of Sierra Leone.

The charity has agreed to try and help support this learning, we could do with a helping hand. Max, Eric and Lucy would be eternally grateful and extremely happy to communicate with you. Both Max and Lucy have young families, whereas Eric is unmarried.   Eric spends a lot of his free time helping other children learn, he’s a very gifted maths teacher, although, completely unqualified.

Please contact us if you’re interested in helping to support them.