Class 1 Report. May 2014.


This is the last half term before promotion tests. We’ve worked hard and only one or two pupils are now really struggling, not keeping up with the rest of the class. Maths and English are the main focus.

P1000913Maths – introducing ‘take away’ or minus.   Milk bottle tops from Ridgeway High School are being used as counters, very colourful – blue, red, green & purple. They’re great, really helpful, the children love them.   They’re increasing their number knowledge and recognition of numbers from 30 – 50.

English – they’re expanding their reading and writing skills, two & three letter words into simple sentences. Learning more Nursery Rhymes from colourful wall posters and songs with actions. Our new one is ‘The wheels on the bus’, it ends with ‘Through the streets of Bo Town’! Our latest reading book is, ‘Ola & the ball’, which concentrates on number & colour.P1000837

Learning strategies – we like to use the pupil as teacher – pointing to work on the board & using posters to stimulate language and guiding class responses.


Our pupils love story telling in their native tongue – Mende or Krio – this greatly improves their confidence and many of the stories they relate are really very funny.

R.E. – learning the story of Adam & Eve.

Health Education – we are concentrating on the important basics for health and personal hygiene -food & water safety.

Environmental Studies – food energy, water sources, night & day, weather & special days – such as Independence Day, which is 27th April.

P1000859We’ve been using toys from our new toy cupboard, learning to share & play together. This is exciting & a real treat at the end of the day.

We sent letters in February to Queens School in Chester, receiving our replies in May. Great excitement, swopping class photographs. We’ve just written more letters & hope we’ll get some back in October.


Report compiled by class teacher Isata Kanneh & classroom assistant Max Kessebeh.