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Overseas Aid

for the Kids of

Sierra Leone


Welcome to Oaks


OAKS is a small ‘family and friends’ charity.  We have built

and run a Primary School in Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

The school opened early October 2007.


In 2012 based on our excellent and consistent 100% pass rate

in the National Primary School Exams we decided to expand

into Junior Secondary School. This has meant building and

opening two new classroom, September 2013 and

September 2014.


Our goal at OAKS is to make a difference to the lives and the

future potential of our school population which is

approximately 350 pupils.

Where does your money go?


Pays for all stationary and equipment needs for one child for a full year


Pays for a brand new desk and chair for one child


Is the cost to OAKS to educate a child for one full year

Our Challenge


Our CHALLENGE is to raise our normal running costs from £15,000 and increase it by an EXTRA £5,000 to pay for our expanding workforce, a new minimum wage and the normal wage increases.

We have completed the expansion of our existing building so we can provide a rolling programme into Junior Secondary School, a much needed facility for the local communities of Mendewa and Lewabu, which will give our pupils educational continuity.

What next – a Senior Secondary School? This would be the equivalent to the UK Years 10, 11 & 6th Form and would have to be located on a new but nearby site.

Future Pressures.


Other impacting issues for the near future are:

  • The exchange rate for a currency based on the American Dollar, good at present, although can fluctuate.
  • An increased wage commitment due to employing more teachers. (2 in January 2016).
  • An impending increase in general basic wages for all our staff; currently employing – 11 Teachers, 2 Classroom Assistants, Bursar, Cleaner and Live-in Caretaker.
  • Consolidation in 2016/2017 OR development of a Senior Secondary School?


Our FUNDING TARGET is now £20,000 per annum.

Donate Today


All donations are muchly appreciated and WILL make a difference. If you are able to contribute, great or small, please do so today!



Where are we?

Sierra Leone is a relatively small African country located between 7 and 9 degrees north of the equator and on the western side of Africa, next to Liberia and near to Guinea. It is very similar in size to that of Scotland but without inland water.

Where are our pupils?

The school is located in the Tikonko Chiefdom, Mendewa Layout, Bo Town. The catchment area for OAKS is mainly Mendewa and the neighbouring chiefdom of Lewabu, although some children do travel from further afield across and along the Bo Kenema High-way, the main west to east trunk road, which lies south of Bo Town. Walking time 5 – 45 minutes.

Who are our pupils?

Our target is to provide good quality educational access mainly for the under privileged. We carefully monitor and encourage regular attendance and good time keeping for both pupils and staff. We investigate reasons for absence. We are conscious that we must develop an ongoing and progressive facility which especially gives girls a good start, we are educating the families and citizens of the future.

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